Railway Private DeFi Wallet


Use Ethereum & EVM privately

via the Railway Wallet app


Privatize your existing Ethereum & EVM assets by shielding into a private 0zk address. Shielding encrypts your activity, address, and assets with Zero-Knowledge cryptography.

Private Transfers

Send funds to other 0zk addresses fully privately. Useful for everyday private payments such as salary or business transactions. Private sends are valid blockchain transactions that transfer value without revealing sender, recipient, amount, or token type.

Private DeFi

Interact with public Ethereum DeFi while protecting your precious financial data and alpha. Perform swaps, earn yield, and provide liquidity on leading DeFi platforms from your private 0zk address.

Compliance privately

Robust tools to help you meet your compliance needs and ensure that bad actors cannot enter the privacy set. A combination of Viewing Keys, Private Proofs of Innocence (Privacy Pools), and easy tax reports help you use private Ethereum confidently and safely.

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About Railway Wallet app

Railway Wallet includes multiple features that help users maximize their privacy:

  • As a Self Custody wallet, only you have access to your accounts. When you generate a wallet in Railway, the seed phrase is encrypted with your password and only stored on your local machine.
  • Absolutely zero logs of user activity are collected. Your data is never sent from the Railway Wallet application to developers or any third parties.
  • Users have the ability to fully configure the RPCs they choose to use. You can select the exact communication channels used to send and receive data from each blockchain network supported in Railway.
  • Railway Wallet is fully open-source. You can personally review the code to independently verify how Railway Wallet functions.
  • Railway Wallet integrates the RAILGUN Smart Contract Privacy System and fully supports zk-SNARK transactions. You can privately send transactions without revealing any information about your private wallet balance.
  • When sending private 0zk transactions, you can utilize the Broadcaster network or self-sign transactions using any 0x wallet you have in Railway Wallet. Broadcasters submit transactions on your behalf from their 0x address for a nominal fee. When self-signing, you can choose any of your 0x addresses, even those generated from a different seed phrase than your 0zk address.