Railway Wallet Privacy Policy

1. The Railway Mobile Wallet (the app) is a privacy-focused app that aims to protect user’s data privacy as much as possible. The app has no way to collect your personal data, and it will not collect any of your personal data or usage information.

2. The app, Railway, Right to Privacy, or anyone involved in creating the app cannot respond to requests to collect and distribute your data to 3rd parties as it has no method to do so.

3. By using the app, you understand that due to the nature of blockchain transactions, certain external interactions in the app, such as performing swaps through Railway DEX, will reveal contract call information to outside blockchain observers. In the case of Railway DEX swaps through 0x Exchange, only details such as the token and amount swapped will be revealed, and your public address is hidden during private transactions. These details will be visible externally as these transactions require connections to external APIs and smart contracts.

The public data will not be identifiable, cannot be traced back to you, and you are always anonymous when using the app.

4. All transactions that are entirely internal to RAILGUN, such as private transfers, are completely private with no information revealed at all. No data will be observable to anyone outside these transactions.